We all want to get ahead in our careers, but this means something entirely different for every woman. Some plan to make their way up the company ladder, while others feel the need for a complete career overhaul. You may know what you want, but knowing what to do next is a different matter altogether.

That’s why it is easier to start small. For each major career switch-up, we have identified one key piece of advice that will help you achieve your goal. This can help you achieve your transition successfully and with as little stress as possible.

Starting Your Own Business: Go Online

It’s never been easier to start a business, partly thanks to the internet. E-commerce has opened the doors for anyone to sell anything, with low start-up costs and barriers to entry. You don’t even have to make a product: models like dropshipping allow you to automate delivery straight from a supplier to the customer. That way, you can focus on the other key elements for a successful e-commerce business, such as a unique product, great service, and a user-friendly website.

Though you can start an online business with very little capital, some people may need more money, especially if they want to manufacture their own products or invest in a professional marketing team. If this is the case for you, you may want to look at small business loans. There are many types of funding options available, so do your research to figure out the best one for your startup.

Switching Jobs: Focus on Your Network

Switching jobs within the same industry can seem quite straightforward. After all, you have the right skills and qualifications. However, a good network is likely to be your biggest asset. After all, the vast majority of jobs in any given industry are not advertised. Networking allows you to hear about these opportunities and leverage connections to stand out from other applicants.

If you don’t know where to start with growing your network, a good idea is to learn how to use LinkedIn to its full potential. This Ultimate Guide by Forbes has some great advice.

Switching Careers: Get The Right Skills

If you think that you are in the wrong industry, you should absolutely make the effort to get on the right one as soon as possible. If you’re not sure what that could be, The Muse has a very useful list of questions to ask yourself before moving forward.

Once you know which industry you want to enter, it’s time to get the right skills. Look at job adverts for your ideal role – what are they asking for? What do you not have? Don’t worry too much about the cost: it’s easier than ever to pick up valuable skills online these days, and many of these courses are free or very affordable.

Going For A Promotion (Or A Raise): Lay The Groundwork

Asking for a raise or promotion requires a subtle approach, which involves laying the groundwork before making the big ask. Ideally, this will be done over the course of several months: this five-month guide to getting a promotion gives a rough timeline for the process.

It’s not just about doing your job well. Take on more responsibility, network within the company, and start dropping hints that you are interested in a promotion. When the day comes, be confident and ask for what you want outright. If you struggle with this kind of conversation, have a look at a few word-for-word scripts online to prepare.

The bad news is that, no matter what it is you want from your job or career, making a big change is never going to be quick or easy. The good news is that it is possible. The sooner you decide to make the switch and to commit to it, the more time you will have to research, plan, and prepare the necessary steps, and the sooner you will find yourself where you want to be in your career. Start today, and you will thank yourself a few months down the line.

About the author: Gloria started WomenLed.org to celebrate the advancements women have made and inspire women to become entrepreneurs and seek promotions in the workplace.


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